The 134th China Import and Export Fair,Arriving as expected, the team of J&J is Powerful and courageous, take the challenge Actively.

The 134th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) offline exhibition opens in Guangzhou. This exhibition has a total of 34,000 offline exhibitors and 35,000 online exhibitors, from more than 220 countries and regions, and more than 200,000 buyers. This is the second restart of offline physical exhibitions three years after the COVID-19, and it is also the largest Canton Fair in history. The Autumn Canton Fair will be held at the Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China from October 15 to November 4, 2023, for a total of 23 days. At that time, buyers and suppliers from all over the world will gather in Guangzhou to discuss cooperation opportunities.

The first phase of this Canton Fair ended on October 19. According to the relevant person in charge of the Canton Fair News Center, the first phase of the Canton Fair was an unprecedented gathering of thousands of merchants. The overall operation was safe and orderly. Overseas purchasers actively participated in the fair, exhibitors were enthusiastic, on-site negotiations were active, and service guarantees were strong and effective. A “good start”.

Compared with the spring Canton Fair in the first half of the year, the flow of people at this Canton Fair is still so large. On the first day of the second phase of the exhibition alone, it received more than 100 foreign businessmen in the booths of J&J. At the same time, we believe that as long as we continue to adhere to management innovation, product innovation, and marketing innovation, more and more customers will recognize us.

Next, there is an interview with our manager Chen from CCTV:

As an important platform for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between China and countries around the world, the Canton Fair is of great significance in promoting exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises and promoting the development of the global economy. J&J participated in the second and third phases of this Canton Fair and looks forward to using the platform of the Canton Fair to explore the international market and achieve greater commercial value. With the increasing frequency of business contacts and the resumption of international flights, we believe that it will play an immeasurable role in the growth of J&J’s export business.