Pets Phydropathic Rehabilitation Equipment

SKU M200 Brand
Model: M200
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Rated power: 6.5KW
Load-bearing: 50Kg
Area covered: 1550x750x1050mm<1.5mping'fang


Pets Phydropathic Rehabilitation Equipment:

Area covered:1550×750×1050mm<1.5㎡

Water temperature range :20-35℃

Water depth:0.3-0.7m

Net weight:300Kg

Maximum water volume:0.7m³

Treadmill speed:0.2-4.0km/h

Running belt width:1260×350mm

In and out footstep:2 PCS

IP65 Waterproof control panel:LED Touch control screen

CLASS F Powerful Flywheel motor,Guaranteed buffer shutdown

Fully transparent high-strength glass partition is adopted,

It is convenient for veterinarians to observe from all angles in real time

Water tank:
Area covered: 1775×787×1530mm<1.5㎡
Water temperature range: 20-35℃
Net weight: 150Kg/pc
Water volume: 1.3m³/pc
Import GECKO control system: 1pc
GECKO IP65 Waterproof control panel: LED Touch control screen
2KW Heater: 1 PC
1HP circulation pump: 1 PC
Ozone disinfection system: 1 PC
Water tank has Ozone disinfection, filtration, heating, Circulation system, water can be recycled

Water conversion station:
Area covered: 980×787×1500mm<0.8㎡
Filter sand cylinder: 1 PC
Self priming pump with hair collector: 2 PCS
Solenoid valve: 1 PC

M200 Packing: Type Specification(mm) Volume(m3) G.K.(㎏)
Rehabilitation machine 1650×800×1250 1.6 450
Water tank 1800×800×1650 2.4 180
Water conversion station 1000×800×800 0.6 80



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