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Running is a very good exercise. When running, you can exercise your legs, waist, abdomen, and heart and lungs well. But running also has its drawbacks. Even a professional running posture can cause damage to various joints of the legs and feet. Choosing a water exercise like swimming can minimize joint damage, but has little effect on leg muscle training. So why not have a two in one? Jianzhijie healthy underwater running pool can bring you such a perfect experience. Because the buoyancy of water reduces the gravity of the body, the compression on the joints is also greatly reduced, thereby effectively reducing the damage of running to various joints of the legs. Many professional athletes use cross-training methods such as underwater running. The resistance of water greatly exceeds the resistance of air, and the calorie consumption is also greatly increased, which is very suitable for people who want to lose weight. Jianzhijie health underwater treadmill has a speed-adjustable conveyor belt at the bottom, and the speed can be adjusted at will from 1-8KM/H. It is the best sports equipment for fitness and underwater rehabilitation.

The underwater treadmill series adopts integrated portable design and intelligent control system. Users can freely choose the appropriate temperature in the water temperature of 20-30 degrees, which can be used 365 days a year, fully meeting your uninterrupted requirements for fitness and rehabilitation spa. 

Related technologies and advantages

Afraid of falling on the treadmill? This situation will never happen again. The underwater treadmill series is equipped with a safety wristband. In an emergency, just a little pull, the machine will stop working immediately, and there will be no fall.

Safety bracelet

The treadmill comes with an independent operating system and a waterproof smart touch control panel. 4 sports modes are optional, intelligent technology, simple and convenient operation.

Waterproof smart touch control panel

It is a protective device during your exercise. It works with the safety bracelet. When an emergency occurs, pull the bracelet and the safety switch will fall off and power off.

Safety switch

Powerful massage water gun

The underwater treadmill series is equipped with a powerful massage water gun, which can be used for partial body massage. Post-exercise massage can improve the reflex and adjust the function of the central nervous system to eliminate fatigue. The lactic acid accumulated in the muscles during exercise can be converted or excreted as quickly as possible by post-exercise massage. Not only that, injured patients can speed up their recovery through proper massage during the rehabilitation process.

Surveillance system

In the process of exercising, wrong exercise movements will bring additional damage to the body. In order to bring users a better fitness and rehabilitation experience, the underwater treadmill series can choose to install a monitoring system to display the real movement status of underwater users in real time, so as to better correct wrong actions. In addition, the monitoring system of the underwater treadmill series also has a remote training monitoring function. Users can perform rehabilitation and sports training on their own through the remote guidance of doctors or coaches without the presence of doctors or coaches.

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