Energy saving

R-10 Full Insulation Technology

R-10 Full insulation technology has been very popular and mature in Hot tubs industry. It is purpose to save the running cost of Hot tubs, and to achieve energy saving and environment protection. JNJ Spas always focus on innovation and breakthrough in the R-10 Full Insulation Technology, and decrease to minimize the running costs of Hot tubs.

Insulation technology was first used in home buildings in cold countries. The home buildings technology is that the insulation material will be installed in the interlayer of the housing wall, through which to reach insulation and energy-saving effect. JNJ Spas also put this technology in designing Hot tubs. You can enjoy the sense of luxury from JNJ Spas, at the meantime, JNJ Spas can save running costs for users under the standby mode.

Full insulation technology mainly depends on three conditions: thermal conductivity, thickness and convection. Those conditions were respectively designed and balanced by JNJ Spas. Cooperating sealed covers of hot tubs will maximize keep the heat energy in the interior of Hot tubs, which can possibly make the water temperature remain active all times to use.

The value of energy efficiency

JNJ Spas not only strives to perfect in R-10 Full Insulation Technology, but also cooperate energy-saving technology of massage pumps. JNJ Spas established the only Hot tubs factory with Witness Laboratory of TUV and ETL in the world. Through the several tests in the laboratory, JNJ Spas based on the performance of the massage pumps, reference the requirement of ergonomics, through reasonable allocation of massage jets and massage pumps, and play the massage pumps maximum value of energy efficiency, to reduce running costs of Hot tubs.

JNJ Spas after years of innovation and breakthrough in R-10 Full Insulation Technology cooperating sealed covers of Hot tubs and energy-saving technology of massage pumps, our hot tubs can maximize save the running costs of hot tubs, to achieve the purpose of energy-saving.